Building Your Support System

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Many people have not heard of PMR

  1. Share your diagnosis to let the people who care about you know how they can help
  2. Tell your friends, family, and loved ones how PMR is affecting you
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with things like getting out of bed or getting a ride to your doctor's office
Having a support team to lift you up when you're feeling down can make living with PMR feel less challenging.
[PMR feels like] when you spill coffee--it's unexpected and it touches everything. Everything you are doing. --a real person with PMR
[PMR feels like] when you spill coffee--it's unexpected and it touches everything. Everything you are doing. --a real person with PMR

Talk with your doctor

If you have pain and stiffness in your hips, shoulders, and neck, your primary care doctor may suspect PMR. Ask if you need a referral to see a rheumatologist, who will test you for PMR and prescribe treatment.

If you've been diagnosed with PMR, your doctor will work with you to find a treatment plan that's right for you. It's important to ask questions to reach your goals.

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Questions for your doctor

Get the conversation started by asking:

What is the treatment for PMR?

How long will it take for my PMR symptoms to go away?

How long will I be on treatment?

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

How often should I schedule follow-up visits?

What should I do if my symptoms persist?

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Caring for a loved one with PMR

The role of caregiver begins with trust. If your loved one has asked you to be a caregiver, you may need to help them with things like:

  • Taking them to doctor visits
  • Keeping them company
  • Helping them with daily activities
  • Listening when they need to talk to someone
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As a caregiver, it can be hard to watch someone you love struggle with PMR. Know that your help with daily tasks or even just being there to listen makes a difference for them.

PMR doesn’t just affect patients. Friends, family, and caregivers feel the impact as well.

Your support goes a long way in helping your loved one cope with PMR.
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Seek support for living with PMR

PMR can make you feel like you’re alone. You don’t have to go through this journey on your own. Here are links with more information about PMR.*

Arthritis Foundation

Dedicated to the prevention, control, and cure of arthritis and other inflammatory rheumatic diseases, including PMR.

Vasculitis Foundation

Helps patients by providing information and promoting research efforts for the family of vasculitis diseases, including PMR.

Creaky Joints

Part of the Global Health Living Foundation, this is a network of thousands of arthritis patients and caregivers in all 50 states.

*These sites are not operated by Sanofi and Regeneron.

Learn more about PMR and how it impacts you

Downloadable resource about PMR

This brochure takes a closer look at PMR

PMR and you brochure

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